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High-end film masterbatch

Pretreatment of pigments for good dispersion performance; High shear dispersion technology to ensure stable quality; High-quality pigments and dispersants to ensure that pigments do not migrate or precipitate; Does not affect printing performance and composite fastness The masterbatch used for food packaging meets FDA requirements.


High-gloss black masterbatch

PC, ABS, PP special high-gloss black species have excellent weather resistance and good migration resistance of high-performance color masterbatch. Can meet the US FDA food contact specifications material. Very good dispersibility, high tinctorial strength, high gloss and high brightness in thermoplastic materials.


High-performance antistatic masterbatch

Ultra-high content, more than 50% active ingredient, no corrosion of electronic devices. Moreover, it has the advantages of less addition, low migration, low oiliness, and stable surface resistance.


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