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Functional new material
First, the technical characteristics of injection masterbatch products
Pretreatment of pigments, suitable for various injection molding machines, and good dispersion effect; High-quality pigments and dispersants to ensure that pigments do not migrate, do not precipitate out, do not fade, color masterbatch does not affect the mechanical properties of injection molded parts, especially Impact Performance Color Masterbatches for Household, Food Packaging, etc. Meet FDA Requirements
Second, the application profile

1. Injection masterbatch

Injection masterbatch is mainly used to provide color for injection molded plastic parts, giving it a beautiful appearance, and its application areas involve:

(1) Household appliances: air-conditioning parts, shells and other injection molded parts, household appliances, etc.

(2) Daily household items: plastic buckets, hangers, toothbrushes, etc.

(3) Industrial: Automotive Injection Parts, Electronics, Building Profiles, etc.

2. Injection function masterbatch

Injection-type masterbatch has antistatic masterbatch, high weatherproof masterbatch, antibacterial masterbatch, high-efficiency flame retardant masterbatch, matt masterbatch, etc.

(1) The antistatic masterbatch is mainly used to reduce the surface resistance of the injection molded parts, dissipate the surface to accumulate static electricity, reduce the adsorption of dust on the surface and avoid electrostatic hazards.

(2) High weather resistant masterbatch improves the UV resistance and heat resistance of injection molded parts, prolongs the product's outdoor service life, and maintains color stability.

(3) Antibacterial masterbatch is mainly used in plastic products with antibacterial effect (bactericidal and bacteriostatic) on injection molding surfaces.

(4) High-efficiency flame-retardant masterbatch is mainly due to the improvement of the flame-retardant properties of injection molded parts, effectively suppressing the combustion of plastics, and avoiding the hazards caused by the easy burning of plastics.

(5) The extinction masterbatch is mainly used to inject plastic parts with a frosted effect to obtain a soft and elegant appearance.


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