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Film color masterbatch
The technical characteristics of the film type Masterbatch
Pretreatment of pigments to obtain good dispersion properties
High shear dispersion technology to ensure quality stability
High quality pigments and dispersants ensure that the pigment does not migrate and does not precipitate
. No impact on printing performance and compound fastness
The masterbatch for food packaging meets the requirements of FDA
Two. A brief introduction to the application

1、Film color masterbatch


Film color masterbatch mainly provides color for plastic products, gives it a beautiful appearance or provides covering performance.


(1) packaging films: Express packaging, food packaging, daily necessities packaging, label materials, etc.


(2) shopping bags: Coloring of plastic bags for supermarkets and markets.


(3) industrial protective film: used for the surface protection of automobiles, electrical appliances, electronics, building profiles, furniture and other products, to avoid damage to the surface during processing and transportation.


2、Film functional Masterbatch


The film functional masterbatch has antistatic masterbatch, smooth masterbatch, anti adhesion masterbatch, antioxidant masterbatch, anti UV masterbatch and matting masterbatch.


(1) antistatic masterbatch is mainly used to reduce the surface resistance of the film products, dissipate the surface to gather static electricity, reduce the adsorption of dust on the surface and avoid the electrostatic hazards.


(2) the smooth masterbatch is mainly used for the smooth surface of the surface so as to avoid the excessive friction in the production process and affect the production efficiency and film quality.


(3) anti adhesion masterbatch is mainly used to improve the smoothness, reduce the friction coefficient and improve the opening performance.


(4) antioxidant masterbatch improves film processing and subsequent storage stability, avoiding yellowing and discoloration.


(5) the anti UV masterbatch is to improve the UV resistance of the film, prolong the service life of the product in the outdoors, and maintain the color stability.


(6) matting masterbatch is mainly used to prepare film with frosted effect and obtain soft and elegant appearance.



Three、 film type masterbatch and functional masterbatch product model



Color / species





standard white

self-adhesive film, protective film
Express film, packaging film

70% titanium dioxide, excellent dispersion


high-grade white milk film

milk film, daily chemical packaging

titanium dioxide 65%, excellent dispersion, odorless, meet FDA requirements


Standard white

Protective film, general use film

Titanium Dioxide 60%, Excellent Dispersion


Economic white

Shopping bag, industrial protective film

Titanium Dioxide 50%, Excellent Dispersion




Apricot color

Express bag, protective film

Excellent dispersion, express industry grey



Silver gray

Express bag, protective film, metal imitating membrane

Excellent dispersion and silver gray in express industry



Standard black

Self mucous membrane, protective membrane, packaging film, and membrane

The content of carbon black is 42 ~ 45%, colorless point and good dispersion

EF series

Custom color

Protective film, packaging film

Make up according to the user's color board

KF series

Open mother material

Endow the opening performance

Excellent dispersion and good opening performance

SH series

Skid Masterbatch

Film smoothness

Excellent dispersion, small friction coefficient

XG series

Extinction Masterbatch

Grind, low gloss surface

Low gloss, no precipitation

KJ series

Antistatic Masterbatch

Lower surface resistance

Low addition, lower surface resistance

ZG series

Pearlite Masterbatch

BOPP Pearlite Masterbatch

Good dispersion, low precipitation, and cost reduction

SF-PPA series

PPA Auxiliary Masterbatch

Fluorinated functional Masterbatch

Reduce die precipitation and eliminate crystal point

ZR series

Flame retardant masterbatch

Flame-retardant properties endowed with thin films

Reduces Die Precipitation and Eliminates Crystal Spots


Easy tearing film for paper

Paper imitation film and tear film

with plastic waterproof moisture resistance and the tear of paper


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