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Congratulations to BOSI company on the listing of the national small and medium sized enterprise shares transfer system

Guangdong Persian Polytron Technologies Inc (hereinafter referred to as "our company") has been officially launched in the national small and medium enterprise share transfer system in July 25, 2014, and in July 30, 2014, the Jinyang mansion in Beijing was solemnly held on the bell rite ceremony. The leader of the company, the chairman, the vice chairman, the independent director, the general manager and many other executives, as well as the securities dealers responsible for the business of our company - Ping An Securities Limited liability company, the accounting firm - Lixin Accounting firm (special common partnership), the law firm - Law Shin state law firm The main leaders of the agency were attending the listing ceremony.


Mr. Li Zeshun, general manager of our company, said with joy in his speech, "today, Persian technology has successfully landed on the new three boards. This is an important milestone in the course of the company's development, and it is also a new starting point and new driving force. We will firmly grasp this valuable opportunity, as always, continue to work hard, continue to uphold the business philosophy and purpose of "I do well, you wonderful", improve the sustainable development and innovation of superior products, continue to achieve rapid growth of performance, and do our best to achieve the win-win of customers, employees, shareholders and society. In accordance with the requirements of the share transfer system, we will strictly regulate itself, conscientiously fulfill the disclosure obligations, accept public supervision, and make Persia become a standardized operation and transparent enterprise.


From today, the Persian technology will open a new chapter in the takeoff. The company hopes to make a further leap in Persia through the opportunity to enter the stock exchange system and land the capital market - - to become the top color masterbatch production enterprise in China and the best color master supplier in the world!


(photo shows Mr. Li Zeshun, general manager of our company, speaking at the ceremony.)

(photo shows the leadership of the stock transfer system and the bell ringing of our executives.)

(photo shows the leadership of the stock transfer system and the bell ringing of our executives

(Photo by Lu Junwen, chairman of our company)

(photo shows our visit to the OTC market Expo Center and the exhibition centre of the listed companies after the listing ceremony).

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