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The total amount of plastic plastic in Yangzi is more than one million tons

By the end of December 2016, Yangzi Petrochemical production of 1 million 9 thousand and 900 tons of plastic, this is the company's fifth plastic total amount to break through a million tons, the smooth realization of the goal.




This year, Yangzi Petrochemical plastics factory firmly grasped the favorable opportunity for the market of polyolefin to pick up, and strengthened the production and operation management of plastic plant. The factory strictly carries out the major items report, production scheduling management and other systems, strengthens the abnormal fluctuation analysis and assessment of the equipment, compares the analysis and comparison of the internal and external recording and analysis, completes the application of the production and operation monitoring system and the alarm analysis of the device, and striving to improve the stability of the device operation. The A line of the No. 1 ethylene plant has been running for 22 months continuously. The longest record of the single line operation of the same kind of device.


At the same time, Yangzi Petrochemical Company adheres to the combination of production, marketing and research, market oriented and efficiency centered, continuously optimizing product structure, increasing profitability, new breakthroughs in the development of new products, and increasing market competitiveness. According to the market demand, the Yangzi company has developed the long glass fiber reinforced special material for the first time, the product performance reached the foreign performance index. The Yangzi Petrochemical successfully developed the high thawing, high impact and high modulus polypropylene products successfully. The product performance was close to the performance index of the imported products and was in the leading level in China. At present, it has successfully industrialized 4 times and produced more than 3000 tons.


In addition, Yangzi Petrochemical will always practice the concept of "every plastic particle is a promise", strengthen the whole process control of quality, carry out quality risk identification and evaluation and all staff "I offer a plan for quality", the quality control level has been continuously improved, and the product quality qualified rate reached 100% in 2016.




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