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First, polyester masterbatch:
1. Polyester filament masterbatch Application Description: Polyester masterbatch product color is wide, chromatographic complete, black, extinction whitening, fluorescent whitening and various colors, can be prepared according to different requirements of customers.
Second, the application profile

The product line mainly includes: PET filament masterbatch and staple fiber masterbatch. The


Polyester filament masterbatch is suitable for different spinning process requirements, such as UDY, POY, FDY and other filament spinning equipment and process requirements; also used for polyester high-strength industrial yarn; Toyobo equipment and other short fiber production equipment for the production of various Color short fibers are also suitable for other quality requirements for fiber production. The polyester filament masterbatch can reduce the use cost of the customer by selecting a reasonable formulation process and increase the use value.


Polyester filament masterbatch specific application products include outdoor light quality fiber, sewing thread, embroidery thread, automotive interior carpet products and ordinary civilian fiber.


The company also provides green and blue color masterbatches suitable for the requirements of the military.


2. The use ratio and method of polyester filament masterbatch


It is recommended that the masterbatch be dried at a temperature of 120° C. for more than 8 hours, and the spinning is performed by a master batch syringe or mixing and stirring.


3.Polyester filament masterbatch packaging and storage


The product adopts double-layer packaging, the inner layer is a waterproof and moisture-proof polyethylene film bag, and the outer layer is a paper-plastic composite bag. Please store in a ventilated, dry place, under the mat, to avoid the sun, rain, the color of masterbatch for up to 5 years.




1. introduction of the application of masterbatch for polyamide fiber spinning:




Color involves black, matting, whitening and all kinds of colors. Color masterbatch can be prepared according to different requirements.


The product series of polyamide fiber spinning is mainly included in the series: suitable for different spinning requirements, such as POY, FDY and other filament spinning equipment and technological requirements; also for PA high-strength industrial wire; short fiber equipment for the production of various color short fibers or tow flocking.


By choosing reasonable formulation process, the customer's use cost will be reduced and the use value will be increased.


The application of the products involves outdoor sun curing quality fiber, flocking, high-grade interior carpet products and non-ferrous industrial network, and also for military packaging belts.


The ratio and method of the use of 2. polyamide fiber


It is suggested that the masterbatch should be dried for 120 hours or more for more than 8 hours.


Three. Polypropylene Color Masterbatch:


Polypropylene fiber color masterbatch has good quality stability, excellent dispersivity and quality. Polypropylene fiber color masterbatch can be used directly with mixed resin, not polluting container, easy to change color. It provides monochromatic and full concentration pre dispersed pigments and easy to mix color. It is made of excellent organic pigments and inorganic pigments and auxiliaries. It is. It is characterized by good filtering performance, bright color, good weather resistance and no migration. Polypropylene fiber color masterbatch is especially suitable for polypropylene spunbonded non-woven fabric, polypropylene filament, polypropylene fiber short wire, polypropylene fiber BCF wire.


Can be produced according to customer needs: polypropylene spunbonded non woven cloth masterbatch; polypropylene melt spray non-woven fabric masterbatch; polypropylene SMS non-woven fabric masterbatch; polypropylene filament yarn color masterbatch; polypropylene BCF Color Masterbatch; polypropylene staple fiber masterbatch and other polypropylene masterbatch.


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