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Organization Chart
  • 2018
    to participate in the China International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition held in Shanghai “ CHINAPLAS“
  • 2016
    to participate in Shanghai China International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition “ CHINAPLAS” and Thailand International Rubber and plastic exhibition “ INTERPLAS”
  • 2015
    successfully holds Guangzhou
    Set up the Qingyuan branch
  • 2014
    Be recognized as "Guangdong masterbatch carrier engineering technology research center"
    On the line of share transfer system of small and medium enterprises in China
  • 2012
    Be certified to ISO18001 occupational Health&Safety Management System
    Renamed as the Guangdong Bosi Sci& Tech Co., Ltd
    Developed an patent of “A White Masterbatch for high impact polystyrene and its preparation method” , Patent number:ZL 2010 1 0552901.3
    Developed an patent of “A kind of chromatic crystal and its application to plastic coloring” , Patent number:ZL 2007 1 0029881.X
  • 2007
    Developed an patent of “A strong dispersion and impact resistance ABS masterbatch and its preparation method” , Patent number:ZL 2005 1 0034976.X
  • 2006
    Be certified to ISO14001 environment system.
    Be certified to the Rosh certification of DNV
    Be identified as "national high-tech enterprise"
  • 1999
    Established branch company in nanjin
  • 1998

    Be certified to ISO9001 quality management system
    ,Established Guangzhou Bosi Plastic Pigment Co., Ltd.
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